Monday, February 13, 2012

Paul McCartney Strikes Again

Since my wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease over five years ago I've not been able to listen to Paul sing, Yesterday at all. When he muses, "Why she had to go I don't know, she didn't say." I lose it. I've successfully avoided this 1965 song since 2006. 

After last night's Grammy's (2/12/12) I've found another brilliant McCartney song to avoid, My Valentine. Again he muses, "She said that someday soon The sun was gonna shine." This is not true in our case and when I reflect on that thought I lose it all over again. The melody is mournful, melancholic, and could easily drive me mad. Music is the language of the emotions and Sir Paul grabs me by the emotions and pins me to the ground. Here's a 30 second clip. Listen if you dare.


  1. Erik, So glad to see you here and on fb. My heart goes out to you guys!

  2. I love you Dad. I can't bring myself to hit "play" yet, but I will. Eventually. Thanks for your honesty.

  3. I so clearly remember you in high school and our adventures.
    Erik as hard as your situation is and I can only imagine. I would trade places with you in a heart beat. Your wife loves you and you her. Your wife is sourounded by loving family. I do have a taste in that my parents took 7 yrs to transition to the other side. I felt guilt in wanting them to pass, since they both had dimensia and were alive, but gone.
    I think Erik that what your life and love speaks to your children and friends is precious and cannot be bought for any amount of money. The word Holy refers to something set apart for special purpose.

    That is what I feel about you and your family

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