Monday, April 7, 2014

Volvelles in Portlandia!

Family and friends know of my hobby, making and collecting volvelles, AKA, "adjustable round charts, data wheels, paper calculators." Click here to see my handiwork.

While chortling over episode three of Season Three of Portlandia ("Missionaries") I was pleased and astonished to witness the following exchange.

Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein visit Seattle recruiting people to move to Portland. As they sit in the living room of prospective converts the house members argue about whose job it is to clean the bathroom.

Fred: "We might have a solution for you."
Carrie: “We’re here on behalf of Portland, Oregon. 
Have you guys heard of the Chore Wheel?”

Fred: “So You put your name in here… "

Fred: "You just turn it every day and then your name goes to whatever."

Fred: “You do the living room and the next day the 
bathroom….There's never any argument.”

Alexandra: “That seems like exactly what we need. It’s gonna solve all of our problems!”

Guy: “As far as I understand, Kurt Cobain never had a 
Chore Wheel so I don’t see why we need one.”

As they stand up to leave Fred says, "Anyway, it comes from 
the city of Portland…..Use the chore wheel. You’ll be surprised.”

The episode ends with the Mayor of Portland preparing to welcome all the new converts from Seattle. Alexandra show up! But I was saddened to realize the props placed on the welcome table were never used. If my eyes aren’t deceiving me, I’d say that’s a pile of Chore Wheels to give to the new recruits. Now that would have been a fine welcome indeed!